The world renowned composer Vangelis has played an influential part in the development of different musical genres. He has also contributed to the widespread use of electronic music. In the early nineteen seventies he pioneered the use of electronic devices and musical instruments to express his musical ideas. Vangelis produced seminal albums that contained key elements which set him on a magical journey of his own. His pioneering works have gained him worldwide acknowledgement as the master of electronic music.

In order for Vangelis to bring his musical discoveries to life and pursue his creative ideas, he has always looked for the shortest distance between the moment of inspiration and the instant of execution. This was sought to retain the freshness of his music, and keep it unadulterated by the influence of rational thinking, or logical analysis. Vangelis’ music was created on instruments that were always situated nearby, so he could compose spontaneously in an instantaneous fashion, without prior plans for a melody, or expectations of any outcome.

The general public usually know of Vangelis’ music through one of his stunning film scores such as ‘Chariots of Fire’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘The Bounty’, ‘1492: Conquest of Paradise’, or ‘Alexander’. However his involvement in film music has been very limited, as Vangelis has always considered himself first and foremost a servant to music. He composes every day to serve music, not to seek a career as a film composer.