Among his other contributions to musical outlets, he produced music for ballet, theatre, grand public events, and humanitarian causes. His music is universal, as he is able to create musical portraits of different countries, and landscapes. To Vangelis music transcends all borders and all languages.

Vangelis always held the belief that music can have an intrinsic and extraordinary power to elevate, heal and inspire the human race, or, if misused, can destroy it. With this strong conviction came a great sense of responsibility towards his music. As Vangelis’ music received more global appeal and it attained a wider success, he felt an increased burden of responsibility because of this mass exposure.

Throughout his numerous musical endeavourers, Vangelis received many awards. The recognition came from institutions in the arts and sciences, and he was honoured by nations and governments from all corners of the globe. Perhaps Vangelis’ biggest satisfaction comes when he learns that people turn to his music because they really want to, and not because it was the latest trend or commercially promoted. While he has remained an immensely private man and stayed away from mass public exposure, the appeal of his remarkable music attracts a global following, reaching millions of people with different musical tastes and backgrounds.

Whether scoring for a major motion picture or composing personal works, Evanghelos (Odyssey) Papathanassiou remains a true musical genius, the genius that is simply labelled as VANGELIS.