A quick tour of Nemo Studios

A typical working day would begin with the studio engineer arriving at Nemo Studios around noon. He would then set up and prepare the studio for Vangelis’ arrival later in the day. Vangelis’ normal working day would usually finish around 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. During tough deadlines, working hours could easily extend into the early hours of the morning, as well as working weekends.

The studio became transformed into a cosy homelike place to work, mainly to accommodate Vangelis’ prolific working habits. In every available corner there were ornaments, decorations, statues and mobiles. The feel of the room was accentuated by warm spotlights, glowing colours and numerous luxury sofas. This provided a comfortable environment where visitors could unwind, and business discussions could take place in a relaxed manner. The homely atmosphere of the studio contributed to the warm, social interaction associated with Nemo Studios, which created a wonderfully relaxed ambience.

Vangelis' live room March 1986

The opposite view. Everything had to be done to keep the mood light and easy-going, so that nothing would disrupt the creative process. The atmosphere in the studio was so relaxed that the two rooms were not called by their usual studio terms: the ‘live room’ and the ‘control room’, instead, they were referred to as the ‘big living room’ and the ‘small living room’, reflecting the home-like atmosphere at Nemo Studios.

For 13 years, Nemo Studios was Vangelis’ workplace. The studio was constantly updated with the latest synthesisers and audio gadgets. It displayed many of the luxury items purchased with the proceeds of Vangelis’ successful musical career, which he had reinvested back into his studio. ◊

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