A quick tour of Nemo Studios

Vangelis’ studio was divided into two areas. The smaller of the two was the control room, which was approximately 430 square feet. It housed Vangelis’ synthesiser set-up, mixing desk, tape recorders and audio equipment. The second area was larger, and this was designated as the live room. This area looked more like a lounge than an acoustic recording room. It contained elegant seating areas, video display equipment, a variety of musical instruments and a screen projection area.

The shape of the control room was unusual, because of the external architectural constraints of the historic building. The wall behind the synthesiser set-up was sloped at an angle, and it also did not form a perpendicular side with the room’s other three sides. The wall’s odd shape was governed by the roof of the building. The sloping wall was artistically covered with rows of Vangelis’ gold and platinum records, which looked like a mosaic made of shiny award discs.

Another wall in the control room had a hollow opening situated 7 feet above, and this could be accessed by climbing a vertical ladder that was fixed to the wall. The opening was shaped by the stairwell, from the staircase underneath. This open space was filled with a mattress and cushions, which created a cosy relaxation area, although it was rarely used. The control room also incorporated a small kitchen in one corner.

As you can imagine, the control room felt extremely overcrowded with all the instruments and equipment, and during busy periods you had to be extra careful around all the expensive equipment.

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