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Rock and Folk - France - June 1979 L’Autre Monde - France - 1980 Keyboard - US - August 1982 Music - Greece - September 1982 Electronics and Music Maker - UK - November 1984 SPIN - US - June 1985

Having released the album ‘Beauboug’ the previous year, and about release his new album ‘China’, French magazine Rock et Folk sent journalist Dali de Clair to interview Vangelis at Nemo Studios, 1979.

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Vangelis was interviewed by Bob Doerschuk, in the summer of 1982, by US magazine Keyboard, after winning an Oscar for his soundtrack to Chariots of Fire.

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While on a short visit to Paris in 1980, French newspaper L’Autre Monde conducted an in-depth interview with Vangelis, taking a look at how Vangelis started his career in music, his ideas, his works and his collaboration with Frédéric Rossif, Irene Papas and Jon Anderson.

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Vangelis was in Greece in 1982, on a short visit and was interviewed by Greek magazine Musiki . Topics they discussed included albums such as ‘Earth’, ‘May’ ‘1968’, ‘666’ and ‘Chariots of Fire’.

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The Sunday Telegraph conducted an interview with Vangelis in September 1982, after having completed the film score to Blade Runner.

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Journalist Gilles Bédard, working for Canadian magazine Hi-Fi Sound, conducted an in-depth phone interview with Vangelis at his studio, in November 1982.

UK magazine Electronics & Music Maker sent journalist Dan Goldstein to Nemo Studios to interview Vangelis in November 1984, who talked about recent synthesiser technologies, among other topics.

Journalist John Schaefer interviewed Vangelis in June 1985, on his recent success for US magazine Spin.

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